FREE Crochet Pattern - Small Decorative Basket

FREE Crochet Pattern - Small Decorative Basket

Decorative Basket Crochet Pattern
Hello again, and back with another fun and free pattern for you! This Small Decorative Basket Pattern is part of a 3 piece set that is available in PDF format on my online shop here:

Decorative Bobble Basket Set Pattern

I got the inspiration for this set from a customer who wanted a small basket that they could place on their mantle for decor. I wanted to make something fun and less on the practical side and more on the decorative side. These baskets would be perfect for placing on your fireplace mantle, or setting on a shelf or even as floor decor! You could easily use it as a vase for fake plant branches. You can pick and choose the basket size that works best for your needs, or make the whole matching set. There's so many ways to decorate with these cute and stylish baskets.
If you're interested in a more functional basket pattern that you can use for storage or even as a planer cover, I also offer the:

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Free: Small Decorative Bobble Basket Crochet Pattern

What you'll need:

• 5 mm crochet hook

• 100 yds of light grey yarn (size 4)

(Craftsmart Value in Mushroom)

• 150 yds of white yarn (size 4)

(Craftsmart Value in White)

• Poly-Fil Stuffing (optional)

• Yarn needle

• Crochet marker for working in the round

2”x2” Gauge: 6 stitches x 6 rows

Dimensions: 4.75” wide x 6” tall

* Intermediate level which requires basic knowledge of crochet skills and color work - Written in US crochet terms *


Pattern Key:

ch = chain

st = stitch

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

rnd = round

YO = yarn over

BLO = back loop only

FLO = front loop only

inc = increase

dec = decrease

invdec = invisible decrease



• start with 2 strands, one grey and one white

rnd 1: sc 6 into magic circle (6)

rnd 2: inc 6 (12)

rnd 3: [sc 1, inc] 6 times (18)

rnd 4: sc 1, inc, [sc 2, inc] 5 times, sc 1 (24)

rnd 5: [sc 3, inc] 6 times (30)

rnd 6: sc 2, inc, [sc 4, inc] 5 times, sc 2 (36)

rnd 7: [sc 5, inc] 5 times, sc 4, sc 1 and sl st into that same last st of the rnd (42)

rnd 8: sc into the BLO of each st (42)

• turn work inside out so the “right” side faces out

• weave in loose ends

rnds 9-19: follow the pattern grid below (42)

Note: Read each row right to left as you work continuously in the round

Scroll down to see "Right" Side Bobble Stitch Instructions.

Small Decorative Bobble Basket Grid


 rnd 20: sc 41, sl st 1 (42)

rnd 21: working into the BLO of each st,

sc 6, dec [sc 12, dec] 2 times, sc 6 (39)

rnd 22: [sc 11, invdec] 3 times (36)

rnd 23: sc 2, invdec [sc 4, invdec] 5 times, sc 2 (30)

rnd 24: [sc 3, invdec] 6 times (24)

rnd 25: working into the FLO of each st,

sl st into the 1st st, ch 1, sc 1 into the same st, sc 23 (24)

rnd 26: skip the sl st and ch 1 of the previous rnd, sl st into each st (24)

• finish off and weave in ends or use the invisible finish technique


“Right” Side Bobble Stitch:

• drop the grey yarn, working only with the white yarn

1: YO and insert the hook into the st

2: YO and pull up a loop

3: YO and pull through the first 2 loops on the hook

4: Repeat 1-3 until you have 6 loops left on the hook

(the double strand counts as 1 loop)

5: YO and pull through all 6 loops

Note: The sc into the next st completes the bobble st.

• when working into the following sc st, pick up the grey yarn again, insert your hook into the stitch, YO and pull up both strands. Use your finger and push the bobble from popping towards the inside, to popping outward showing on the “right” side of your work

• YO and pull yarn through both loops on your hook, and tighten behind the bobble

Helpful Links:

Normal Bobble Stitch Tutorial Link

Making it a “Right” Side Bobble Stitch Tutorial Link



• Decide where you want to place your first handle on the rim, leaving 2 stitches in between each end of the handle

leaving long ends, use one strand of each color, and attach yarn to the rim (to attach the yarn, insert your hook into the st, YO and pull up a loop, ch 1)

• ch 7

• count 3 stitches over on the rim and insert your hook into the 3rd stitch, and sl st

• fasten off leaving long ends

• count 9 stitches over along the rim and insert hook into the 9th stitch to begin next handle on opposite side

 • repeat steps for 2nd handle

• weave in ends

 OPTIONAL: Stuff basket with Poly-Fil to help keep its shape.

Congrats, you're done!

I hope you enjoyed making that basket as much as I had fun designing it! If you're interested in making more fun and cute home decor items, I've got you! :)

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Until next time, happy crocheting!

- Jeanette