*Free* Small Drawstring Pouch Pattern

*Free* Small Drawstring Pouch Pattern

Crochet Drawstring Pouch Free Pattern


Summer is ending and fall is almost here! The season of gift-giving is right around the corner. In anticipation of that spirit of giving, I was inspired to create some small, cute drawstring pouches, perfectly snug for any small gift for friends or family. Enjoy this free pattern or if you're in interested in a PDF printable version, I also have that available for purchase. :)

Drawstring Pouch PDF Pattern

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Free Drawstring Pouch Crochet Pattern

What you'll need:

• 3.25 mm crochet hook

• 150 yds of white yarn (size 4)

• A crochet marker

• Yarn Needle


2”x2” Gauge: ~2 scallop stitches x 3 scallop rows

Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 7 inches


Pattern Key:

st = stitch

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch

rnd = round

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

tc = treble crochet

inc = increase

(i.e. inc = 2 sc into the same st,

dc inc = 2 dc into the same st)


Here's a video you may want to watch to get an idea of how the solid scallop (or also called shell) stitch works. Although in this pattern, you will working the solid scallop stitch in the round, so keep that in mind.

Solid Scallop Stitch Video


drawstring bags



• working in the round

rnd 1: dc 16 into magic circle (16)

Note: ch 3 before starting the first dc

rnd 2: join with sl st, ch 2, dc inc 16 (32)

rnd 3:  join with sl st, ch 2, [dc 1, dc inc] 16 times (48)

rnd 4:  join with sl st into ch space, ch 1, sc into BLO of each st (48)

• make sure your are working with the “right side” facing outward

rnd 5:  join with sl st, ch 1, [sc 15, inc] 3 times (51)

rnd 6:  join with sl st, ch 1, (begin solid scallop st)

[sc 1, skip 2, dc 5, skip 2] 8 times, sc 1, skip 2 (51)

rnd 7: join with sl st, ch 2, [dc 5, skip 2, sc 1, skip 2] 8 times, skip 2, dc 5 (51)

rnd 8: skip 2, join with sl st, ch 1, [sc 1, skip 2, dc 5, skip 2] 8 times, sc 1, skip 2 (51)

rnds 9-18: [repeat rnds 7-8] 5 times (51)

rnd 19: join with sl st, sl st 1, ch 4, skip a st, [tc 1, ch 1 and skip a st] 23 times (49)


rnd 20: sl st into 3rd ch (of the ch 4 in previous rnd), [sc into the following ch space, ch 3, sl st into the first ch (creating a bump), sc 1 into same ch space] repeat til the end of the rnd

• finish off and weave in ends



• ch 88

• starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, sl st into the back bump of each st

• fasten off and weave in ends


• take one drawstring and weave through rnd 19 (the rnd of treble crochets)

• tie the ends together into a square knot

• take the second drawstring and starting from the opposite side of pouch, weave it through round 19

• tie the ends together into a square knot



And there you have it! Tug on each drawstring to cinch the baggie closed and you've done it. Enjoy your drawstring pouch and make a few more for your family and friends!

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